Tech Leader • Signing Agent • Notary Public • Scrum Master
Diversity & Inclusion Advocate • Mentor • Speaker

Tech Solutions That Count

With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, Nic comes from a background of making a big impact in the companies that hire him. From establishing effective people-first processes, establishing mobile CI/CD, and creating powerful agile practices that create an environment of safety and productivity, he has a track record of making a meaningful difference.

Signing Agent & Notary Public of Utah

Nic has had a Notary Public of Utah commission since 2016, and scored a perfect 65/65 on the commission exam. His attention to detail, paired with his uncanny memorization of minor details, makes him an obvious choice as a safe signing agent. He has had 0 E&O claims to date.

Flexibile and Honest

Whether you need a quick jurat notary, having problems launching your startup's app, are purchasing your home and need a signing agent, or a smörgåsbord of other problems, Nic has the solution for you.